Check out some fun things to do with kids and families in the Denver area!

4-pack discounted tickets available at King Soopers (Coming this Summer, families will be able to purchase tickets to Heritage Square at a discounted rate at all King Soopers Outlets!)

Games of Skill 2013: Test your luck and use your skill to win awesome prizes! We have a variety of exciting new games such as Blazing Balls of Basketball, Clown Splat!, and Kings Cup (Winner Every Time!!).

Zipline Attraction 2013: Thrill seekers of all ages will be lining up to experience an exhilarating rush of ziplining 220 feet across the amusement park – come check it out!

New Arcade 2012: Come visit our fully remodeled arcade and see what’s new!

The Space Shuttle 2011: Want to visit the moon? Although the new Space Shuttle at Heritage Square may not quite get there, it does zoom back and forth high up into the air. It’s a great thrill and a lot of fun for children and parents!

Slick Track Go-Karts 2010: If you like go karts, you will love our new Slick Track with our brand new fleet of top of the line go karts! Now open.

Ferris Wheel 2010: Completely Refurbished and re-painted Ferris Wheel, installed right up against the lake for breathtaking views of Denver and the mountains.

Shaded Seating 2010: New shaded seating areas to cool down.

FREE Family Picnic Areas 2009: Please feel free to bring in your own food picnic. We now have designated family picnic areas that are available on a first come first serve basis. No alcohol, bottles or bbq grills are permitted.

Paddle Boats 2009: We splurged on a new fleet of swan paddle boats. The same boats are featured at Disney.

Garden Grill Restaurant 2009: During the off season we acquired and renovated the Garden Grill Restaurant. The interior of the building is now all new and we have also purchased all new equipment to ensure that the food you receive is prepared under the highest of standards. Join us for some clean and fresh foods and a beer! We also have children’s meal specials and frozen drinks for those hot days. On weekends we feature musical bands or karaoke.

Heritage Square Beautification 2009: Now you can walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery without spending a lot of money. We recently erected a new state of the art greenhouse to grow flowers in the off-season, so we can plant flowers in full bloom at the beginning of the season.

Bathrooms 2008: We have completely gutted and rebuilt our men’s and woman’s bathrooms. We had heard that bathrooms were especially important to women so we went overboard with the tile and granite to really impress!

New Arcade Games 2008: During the off season in 2008 the Amusement Park at Heritage Square bought out the Jillian’s Eat Drink and Play equipment at the Colorado Mills Mall. Now we provide a full range of entertainment in our arcade.