We were happy to donate wristbands to Buckley Air Force Base this September 2013. We deeply appreciate their military service!


After the Katrina Hurricane in 2005, Heritage Square Amusement Park donated $12,500 to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund through the American Red Cross.

In 2007, we donated a $10,000 chiller to CASA , a group that helps with disadvantaged children.

“Thank you again for the donation and please know that it will be put to great use at Mi Casa’s building on 4th Avenue and Acoma St. They have had to go without air conditioning in parts of the building but that is now changing with your help.”
– Faustina Carrasdo, Mi Casa Board Member

From 2006 to 2015, the Amusement Park at Heritage Square has donated several hundred thousand dollars in free tickets to various Library Reading Programs, School Organizations and Charitable Groups. In addition, we have also donated thousands of dollars to groups around the Denver metropolitan area that help children, particularly those that are based in Jefferson County, Colorado.