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Miniature golf is otherwise called as putt-putt. It’s a cool and chic variation of golf but can be played at small events, parties and even on amusement parks.

The game rules are quite straightforward and everyone can join and enjoy the game.

Everyone’s Welcome

The beauty about this game is that, people of all walks of life and age groups could play the game. There are a lot of people who are even making their own versions of this game. Not just that, they try to put their own twist in it. If you don’t want to go through all the efforts, then why not go to an amusement park where it is sure to give you loads of fun.

Basic Ethics when Playing Miniature Golf

Then again, the objective of the game is pretty simple. Put the ball in the hole with the least strokes as you can. The player who completes the hole closest to par is the winner. Because of the reason that the game is frequently played in lawns and backyards, it would be polite if you would not play too loud to avoid disturbing your neighbors.

Yet, if you are in an amusement park, you can express yourself as much as you want.