Safety Toca : An Important Element in South Korean Online Casinos

Casino gambling in South Korea is a complex matter, being legal for tourists and expats but illegal for Koreans; not unless they’re gambling in Kangwon Casino. Located in a deserted mining town in the remote Gangwon Province, Kangwon Casino is considered a Safety Toca playground where Koreans can engage in fair and equitable gambling.

What is Safety Toca in South Korea?

A Safety Toca is that characteristic of a place or site, where Korean locals can safely exit when engaging in casino gaming activities. It’s also where staking bets do not come with fear of being fined and arrested. Actually, most of the Safety Toca playgrounds in Korea are online casinos that have passed review and evaluations by casino gaming experts of

Knowing which online casino is Safety Toca is important as there are unscrupulous operators of online gamnling sites that take advantage of Korean citizens. In South Korea, the only forms of gambling considered legal in the country are wagers placed on lottery tickets and on outcomes of horse, boat and cycling races. Moreover, online gambling including sports betting is strictly prohibited in the country; not only among Koreans but also for foreigners residing, working or visiting the country.

Gambling online if you are in SoKor is punishable by payment of fines of up to US$26,000 and by spending five years in jail. Gamblers therefore cannot complain to local authorities about any misdealings experienced from non Safety Toca sites, since gambling online is prohibited in the first place.

Non Safety Toca are exploitative because what they do is entice local Koreans with bonus betting money. Usually bestowed in the form of gift cards, gamblers can be lured to claim them at the online casino’s social media site.

The bonus betting money can be used for real casino gaming, and any winnings are for the casino player’s taking. However, they can only withdraw the supposed winnings if they will actually play using their own betting money up to a stipulated amount. Since the player has become confident with his gambling skills, such a condition seems fair enough.

However, have awareness that this isn’t always the case because more often than not, the online casino will only eat away the winnings and the player’s betting money as well.That is why such online gambling sites are not Safety Toca because players always end up losing most of the money they gained as winnings.

Example of Technology that Makes an Online Casino a Safety Toca Playground

Ending online gambling in South Korea is easier said than done. Despite the intensive raids and clamp down actions launched by local police authorities, online gambling sites continue to thrive. The reality is that South Korea is reputed as a country with the most advanced information and communications technology (ICT) used across different industries, including online gambling.

Reviewers of Safety Toca online casinos scrutinize the security and server verification features. Aside from the SSL encryption, a Safety Toca is one that uses a virtual private network (VPN) in sending and receiving communication between the gaming platform and the website from which the player can access the casino games.

A VPN sends packets of end-to-end encrypted data through a player’s Internet-connected device using a remote server located in a different country. The remote server acts as a proxy in accepting the encrypted data, which it will in turn, send and upload to the online casino website from which the requests originated. This Safety Toca feature makes it possible for local Korean players to access online casino sites without becoming visible to government regulators monitoring the public Internet.