Amusement Park Rides Miniature Golf

One fantastic and somewhat unique way to spend your first date is to go to an amusement park and play miniature golf. Sticking with the traditional movie and dinner is getting a bit boring of sort.

If you want total interaction with your date and know him/her better, then go with miniature golf.

The competitive nature the game brings can really set the mood between the two of you.

Leveling the Field

Miniature golf additionally gives you the opportunity of striking a more intimate conversation with your date than watching a movie where you simply sit and watch for 90 to 120 minute. Throughout the game however, you can pretty much talk anything in a neutral environment.

To ask her for such a game, figure out whether she likes competitions and activities where you get to move around. If yes, then miniature golf is a top contender. Not to mention, you can save big bucks as the game is very cost effective than spending 50 dollars or more on movies and dinner (depending on your budget).

Fun, Games and Getting to Know Each Other

Unlike with miniature golf, you’ll likely spend 10 dollars on average. It is not just practical; it is fun at the same time!