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From family members and friends, they want to put together a surprise party for their loved ones, particularly on the most significant day of their life – their birthday!

The most difficult part though is keeping the secrecy of the party.

Everything for a Memorable Party!

Luckily, there are numerous ways on keeping the surprise birthday party a genuine surprise. However, this will call the coordination of the party planners.

There are instances to which the planners hold a surprise party long before the event that they’re celebrating like a birthday. Thing is, this has some drawbacks as it looks premature and doesn’t count as a special celebration. One way of compensating this is to have a party after the day and this could be more successful as you’re likely to catch off guard the guest of honor. He or she will likely not expect anything as their special day had passed.

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Then again, there are some who like celebrating with a surprise party by means of having 2 parties. The first is a small and cheap party, like a primer to the bigger event; then the main event when all is set and done.