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Among the card games being played today, poker is the most popular. Throughout the years, there have been multiple of variations applied to this game and six of it is now widely played these days. In the event that you are new to this game and want to give it a try in a Vegas casino or anywhere else, let me give you a brief rundown of the games that you could play and how it differs.

Texas Hold’Em

Among the poker variants played by man, this is by far the most popular.

You can find this in virtually any casinos and even played casually over the internet. In this game variant, every player is given with 2 cards and has to use at least 3 of the community cards to complete their 5-card hand.

5 Card Stud

If you are after simple poker game, then this can give it to you. What happens here is, the dealer will deal 5 cards to every player and they have to use those cards in order to come up with a winning hand.

5 Card Draw

Much like with the 5-card stud, players here will be given with 5 cards. But in this case, they have the ability of choosing to discard and drawing up to 3 more cards.