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Throughout the years, casino stayed to be the top destination among locals and tourists alike. You might be planning for a vacation at some of the best casinos or you may just want to hang around at your local casino this weekend. Regardless, would it be great to know which casino games would yield the highest chances of winning?

4 Games You must Remember

Who will just let this slip? Only those who are not in their right mind.

When you are doing comparison of the house’s edge over various casino games, there seems to be these 4 top games that can give you the highest odds of winning.

These casino games are:

  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Roulette

In case you don’t know, house edge is considered as the ratio of average loss that a player makes in their bet amount.

Simple Computation of House Edge

Let me give you a quick example:

You’re playing blackjack following some basic strategies. Over the long run, the house edge is .5 percent. This will stay as-is for every 10 dollars you bet and you’d lose 5 cents as you play. When you play craps or baccarat however, you’ll likely lose less than 10 cents on every 10 dollars you bet while in roulette, depending on the design, you’d likely lose 53 to 27 cents on every 10 dollar bet.

It’s hard to dig in at first, but as you start on playing, you’ll begin to understand it.