Different Poker Versions You must Try

These days, whenever someone asks if you are playing poker, they often mean 온라인홀덤. However, you’d be surprised to know that there are different variations and versions of poker, with the main ones being community, draw and stud. In a friendly game, the dealer normally has the option to decide what kind of game shall be played. But if you are participating in a tournament, then the game’s format is normally specified right from the start.

Popular Versions of Poker

In the next lines, we are going to talk about the famous versions of poker that you might encounter at a weekly dealer’s poker game. It is essential that you have a general idea of what these games are about to ensure that you’ll never be at a disadvantage.

Texas Hold ‘Em

This has been played in WSOP or World Series of Poker and easily, it’s the most popular type of poker game in the US nowadays. In this poker variant, the players are dealt two hole cards or pocket. From there, 5 community cards will be revealed by the dealer.

The betting starts in 4 rounds: 1 after the hole cards are dealt, 1 after the 3 community cards are revealed and 1 after the 4th community card is revealed. The last round is the 5th community card or also called as the river which normally decides who has the best hand.


This is yet another version of Hold ‘Em. In this game, there are around 2 to 10 players who can participate. Just as with Texas Hold ‘Em, there are also 4 rounds of betting that take place. But here, the difference is that every player is dealt with 4 hole cards while the 5 community cards are revealed immediately.

7-Card Stud

With this kind of poker game, every player receives 7 cards, 3 down and 4 up. The players need to make the best 5-hand card out of the 7 cards they have.

5-Card Draw

In a 5-card draw, players are given 5 cards however, on the initial go around, they need to trade in up to 3 cards to have the best hand combination.

Poker Terms to Know

In every poker version, there are jargons that you might encounter often and it is your job to familiarize yourself about it. Some of these words that you’d hear are ante, blinds, call, check, fold and raise.