Event Free Easter Celebration

Are you seeking for activities that make everyone enjoy Easter? If yes, then I strongly recommend that you read the entire content of this article. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Number 1. The Jelly Bean Guessing Games

Here is a very easy and fun indoor game for Easter in which everyone can join. Find a jar and have it filled with jelly beans. Ask every participant to guess the number of candies is in.

Winner is going to be the one who is closest to the number without going over.

Number 2. Read Easter & Spring Children’s Books

Gather up kids and form a circle. Read them a good book most especially if the Easter coincidentally falls on rainy day. There are many resources online that you can use to find awesome children’s book that are perfect not just for Easter but also, for bunnies as well as spring.

Number 3. Planting Flowers

As for Christians, Easter is a symbol of rebirth. Therefore, what is the better way of spending Easter than planting flowers like daffodils or tulips? Fall is also the season of planting bulbs but you could do that as well in anytime of the year. In case that you don’t have skills in planting, you may purchase flowers instead and put them outdoors.