Gambling only Turns into Addiction if You Let it to

There are two types of gamblers; one who were able to take control of their gambling habits and one who give in. Between the two, you probably want to fall in the former. No one wants to be in the downward spiral of losing money betting on casino games simply because of the hopes of taking back all the losses with one big bet win.

To not be overwhelmed when gambling, it is important that you set your limitations both on the time and money you spent on gambling, most likely if you are doing it over the web. Thing is, gambling is only among the various leisure activities that players undertake. In contrast, there are people who see gambling as an escape route to their real-life problems and typically, their social activities. This is as per the study discovered by two experts Mark Griffiths of Nottingham Trent University in UK and Richard Wood of GamRes Ltd. in Canada.

The results were actually published in Springer’s Journal of Gambling Studies.

Backed by Studies

In the study performed, one of the things they initially looked at are the attitudes, motivations and strategies of the so-called positive players. These players are otherwise considered as those who aren’t at risk of turning into problematic gamblers.

Griffiths and Wood have both reviewed the outcome of an online survey participated by 209 problem players and 1484 positive players.

Apart from that, both discovered that it was the internet that was the most preferred medium to gamble in which up to 93% of positive players gamble on a regular basis. This indicates that gambling online like in isn’t by default inherently riskier as in conventional gambling. Then again, National Lottery particularly its online version is a step ahead with scratch cards at 65.5%, sports betting at 32.7% and eGames like slot machines that falls at 28.5%.

Simple Traits of Positive Gamblers

As for positive gamblers, gambling both online and offline is more of an entertainment and leisure who just enjoy the game of dreaming to win big. Those who are playing more have also established a personal strategy in place in having control of their pastime. In fact, 9 out of 10 respondents always choose to have a specific budget they bet on before they start to play.

In addition to that, positive players take set sum of money with them when playing either in casinos or bars and ensure that they don’t have their cards with them. This is a good practice for anyone who wishes to gamble for you know that you don’t have any other option but to go home when your exhaust your money.