Indonesia’s COVID-19 Lockdown Extension Renews Interests in Online Casino Sites

While the government of Indonesia has not been swayed into legalizing gambling, a large number of Indonesians still engage in recreational gambling. Individuals do so with utmost care since there are no government regulations in place to protect them from unscrupulous online casino and sports betting operators.

However, when COVID-19 started spreading again last week, and brought on additional cases across the country, the lockdown order that has kept millions confined inside their home for weeks now, was extended. The extension prompted many bored Indonesian adults to look for online gambling sites where they can recreate, while staying within the four walls of their homes.

Inasmuch as gambling is not allowed in the country, those who engage in online gambling activities have found out ways to connect to trustworthy online casinos with which they have formed mutually beneficial relationships. In return, an online casino may grant loyal customers with cash back rewards for their continued patronage.

How to Gain Access to an Online Casino in Indonesia

Customers seeking to gain access and membership to an online casino must first connect with an accredited Agent of the online casino, via a wireless application protocol (WAP) e.g. . Through the Agent’s website and by way of WAP, a registering member will be guided and given access to the main online casino website and to all information about the casino, especially the different casino games being offered.

However, before a new member can start playing casino games, one must first make the required initial deposit through any of the online casino’s accredited digital payment or banking service providers. You will know that an Indonesian online casino is trustworhy if you will be depositing money in a merchant account that carries the same name as the online casino.

Through the same accredited payment processors, online casino customers can withdraw from their account up to a certain limit. Waiting time to receive the withdrawn amount depends on the payment processing method selected. The fastest of which is by way of an ewallet service provider, as processing time takes only 24 hours.

It is also common for most online casino operators in Indonesia to offer Cash Back offers to online casino players on a selective basis; usually based on loyalty points earned as a regular casino customer.

In case a registered casino member cannot access the online casino, he or she needs only to communicate with the customer support staff who will provide him or her with an alternative protocol.