Soccer live betting – strategy & tip

There is indeed entertainment in betting, especially if you place your bets on one of America’s favorite sport, soccer. Soccer bets not only differentiate between single and combination bets, but also between pre-bets and live bets. The former stands for a bet that was placed in the run-up to a game, while the “live” in live betting indicates that the match is running at the time the bet is placed – that is, it is live. In Indonesia, you can bet on soccer live bets through In principle, almost all markets are available both as pre-match bets and live bets. Be it the classic bet on the outcome of the game in the 3-way system (win, draw or defeat) or, for example, the question of how many goals will be scored in the game (usually bets are placed on under or over 2.5 goals).

What makes Soccer Live Betting so special?

What makes live betting so special is the fact that the probability of occurrence for the respective markets changes almost every minute with every new game situation live in the stadium. Once the favorite takes the lead with two goals, hardly anyone is likely to give a cent to the underdog – especially if the body language of the players is appropriate and the team is more concerned with limiting the damage than with each other to stand up to all power and to fight against defeat. If, on the other hand, there is still a 0-0 draw in the 80th minute, the odds for tip X – betting on the division of points – will go down sharply, since that draw is increasingly likely.

This, when taken a step further, also means that the time at which the bet is placed is essential for the success of the bets. Basically, however, there are a number of things to know about live betting on the Bundesliga, because on the one hand the issue of odds development in sports betting, which we dealt with very intensively in our guide last week, also applies here. And on the other hand, it is much more difficult to find a value bet in the constantly changing live bets – if only because the odds often look completely different again as soon as the odds have been converted into probabilities according to the basic formulas and the playability of the bet has been put to the test.

Long story short: Live bets are something where laypeople and beginners in particular can lose a lot of money very quickly. And one speaks of long-term losses when a bet has been won, but it was placed with a negative expected value. In today’s sports betting guide, we tell you everything there is to know about soccer live betting on the Bundesliga so that your betting behavior will become even more sustainable and well-considered in the future.

Soccer live betting: Explanation & basic functionality

In principle, there is not too much to say about how live bets work, as we already discussed the framework conditions in the introduction and all markets work in the same way as the markets in a pre-match bet. At this point we want to deal primarily with the question of why live bets are so popular and how things are specifically related to mathematics.

The answer to the first question is very simple. While a pre-match bet is often only finally won or lost after the final whistle, a live bet can also create a lot of tension during the game. If only because the sports betting providers with a particularly wide range of live betting offerings go so far that you can bet on all the next game situations. You can bet on whether the next stoppage will be a free kick, a throw-in or a corner kick. Or even a referee’s ball or penalty. You can bet on who will get the next yellow card, who will score the next goal, who will get the next corner, etc. And what sounds like pure lottery in the run-up to a game can be foreseen while viewing a game.

For example, if team A predominantly plays on the left because they identified a weak point in the opposing back four, and the opposing right-back was only able to make do with fouls in the end, so it could be very close to a yellow card. It may be fair to say that there is a 33% chance that he will be cautioned next. And the betting odds may be high enough to create a value bet. Team B may be in their urge phase. A corner kick could be very likely for players who are looking for the end of the goal from any position anyway. And of course you can often smell when a goal is in the air.