Winning Mega Millions from the Lottery, Best to Heed Advice of Trustworthy Lottery Experts

If you were to win Mega Millions from a lottery, the first advice you will hear from trustworthy financial and legal experts, is to contain yourself. Sure you would like to share the great news to almost everybody you know. After all, not everyone gets a chance to become an instant mega millionaire. after years of hoping against hope, on every lottery ticket purchased.

Still, one of the partners at Rivkin Radler law firm in New York is aware that this could be impossible, but he recommends keeping small, the circle of people who has knowledge about your winnings. In the U.S., only six states allow lottery winners to remain anonymous: Kansas, Delaware, North Dakota, Ohio, Maryland and South Carolina. If it was up to the lottery company, they prefer to make everything public and transparent, That way, they gain the continuous trust and confidence of lottery customers.

Nonetheless. if remaining anonymous and out of the public eye is impossible, financial and legal experts suggest other actions to take.  Mainly because you have to reduce the risks of becoming prey to unscrupulous individuals or criminal elements looking to have a share of some, if not all, of your mega-million windfall.

Suggested Actions to Take if You Cannot Remain Anonymous as a Lottery Jackpot Winner

Just this week in North Carolina, a retired shop keeper named Charles W. Jackson Jr. hit the Powerball Mega Millions Jackpot and won $344.6 million, In a matter hours, Jackson made the news, which means everyone, not just those who know him personally, knows he is now a mega multi-millionaire.

Jason Kurland, the Rivkin Radler law firm partner whose first suggestion to lottery winners is to remain anonymous, recommends other actions to take if it is not doable to keep one’s lottery win under wraps. By the way, Kurland, is well known in the lottery world as the “Lottery Lawyer,” a reputation gained for having represented some of the claimers of the largest Mega Millions lottery jackpot in the U.S.

Immediately Close all Your Social Media Accounts

Reduce public exposure by closing all your social media accounts. Those are the first places where anyone who wants to know you, get in touch with you or be acquainted with what you and your family members usually do, would look into rather closely. Getting off the Internet will reduce chances of providing other information you are not required to divulge as a jackpot lottery winner. As much as possible, close all your social media accounts before heading to the lottery headquarters to claim your winnings.

Stay at Some Undisclosed Location Until News about You Has Died Down

Make plans for you and your family, to stay for a while at some undisclosed location, right after claiming and holding a press conference at the lottery headquarters. Since everyone knows your current address, expect an unending stream of media reporters, and an assortment of visitors, including long lost relatives and acquaintances you cannot recall, but claiming to know you way back, at some point in the past.

The point driven at by Jason Kurland, the “Lottery Lawyer,” is for you to clear your mind as soon as possible. That way, you can think with clarity on how you can best put a good portion of your mega-winnings into effective and productive use. At the same time, reduce the risk of being a prime target of scammers, swindlers and other criminal elements.