Gambling Is A Form Of Entertainment For Many Adult Spaniards

While the rest of the world is almost against gambling, the Spaniards have a different view whereas gambling is, in fact, widely accepted in Spain. Many Spaniards view gambling as a form of entertainment and said that the gambling habit amongst them is not to win money but to bond and have fun.

While gambling offline is a fun activity for many adult Spaniards, there are quite a few who find amusement in online gambling such as playing on result gp for a game of domino and poker.

Gambling In Spain

Which games are preferred?

In Spanish society, the lottery products are still used most frequently by the state Loterías y Apuestas del Estado and the Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles (national organization for blind people). More than 20 million Spaniards actively take part in the Christmas lottery.

The most played games include scratch cards, amusement arcades, and bingo. There are fewer Spaniards who favored casino games like slot machines and sports betting.

The proportion of problem gamblers was given as 0.3% in the study. The value has been stable for years. There is no real differentiation between players with troublesome gaming habits and gambling addiction.

Spaniards have a factual view of gambling

Although the southern countries are said to have a rather outgoing and emotional mentality, they have an overall very factual view of gambling. Among the Spanish adults, gambling is similar to buying a cinema ticket, getting into an entertainment park or spending money at a bar. For the Spaniards, gambling is more of an entertainment. It’s about the emotions and passion involved. Sometimes you also want to meet and chat with people while gambling.

Spaniards have found a positive approach to gambling

All in all, it seems as if Spain has found a balanced way of dealing with gambling. Despite everything, there are always demands that gambling ads should be banned in Spain. A few government leaders stand up to this cause.

The government ought to totally prohibit the marketing of gambling, with the focus on marketing for casinos online. State lotteries should be allowed to continue the promotion.