The Status of Online Casino Legislation in Italy

Italy has had a motivating relationship with gambling. It is not been a simple relationship, but one that has evolved to learn both consumer and business owners, and to tame down the somewhat irritable nature of the government.



While some restrictions are observed, the country continues to be a beacon of iGaming with a number of the world’s largest gaming brands flocking readily to the country. Italy began its quest towards legalization in 2006, but brick-and-mortar casinos are available within the country since 1917.

How are online casinos regulated in Italy?

That is how the Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stado was born with the only real purpose of fine-tuning the gambling industry and permit casinos, sportsbooks, bingo halls, and every other gambling venue a chance to control within the country while contributing to society within the type of taxation and various fees.

It wasn’t until 2007 that the industry decided to travel big and then did the regulator which enacted a variety of changes allowing it to manage local casino sites. To do so, the AAMS because the watchdog is understood for brief, created a framework that enabled online casinos to exist.

As a part of the licensing conditions, any website willing to control the Italian market would wish to adopt an ‘.it’ domain and personalize its offer for the gambling market within the country, with 888 and bet365 both entering the market and offering a top-quality online product.

While localization within the market is an absolute must, and websites must be willing to undergo a strict vetting process, suspend bonuses and quit advertisement, the market continues to be doing fine within the country.

How are you able to play online casinos in Italy?

Participating in online gambling in Italy is accessible and after all, very easy to urge into. All that you simply have to do is meet the eld, which is eighteen years as per current legislation. While meeting the majority may be a prerequisite for participating in online gambling, there are other factors to think about.

Italians who wish to play at a licensed online casino within the country must adjust to AML and KYC checks, which are a longtime a part of the operation of any casino. As a part of such checks, players must provide a symbol of address and an indication of identity.

Italian operators may also check for affordability, that is, whether a player can afford to spend a selected amount on gaming.


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Online casinos taxation

Taxation in Italy isn’t very mild when it involves the iGaming vertical, but despite the government’s decision to boost the tax levies operators have opted to remain within the country.

Despite these regulatory headwinds have continued to control posting only a modicum of the visit their operating results and net profits throughout the previous year.

The tax increase coincided with another move known simply because of the Dignity Degree which introduced restrictions on the reach and scope of gambling advertisement and suspending most partnerships between gambling firms and sports clubs.

Toughening the stance on the advertisement

Online casinos today cannot advertise using any media to induce the word out. For all intents and purposes, online casino ads are dead in Italy, although the businesses are ready to adapt themselves and have channeled their customer base loyalty to get new leads and keep adding players.


Italy’s climate regarding online casino regulation isn’t the mildest, but operators are ready to acclimatize themselves without seeing an excessive amount of difficulty. Brand leaders in Italy, of course, have years of experience and therefore the resources to stay adamant within the face of even sterner regulations. In any eventuality, the heightened consumer protection measures could also be bad for up-and-coming businesses, but they still allow Italians to play at a number of the simplest online casino brands within the world.