Things You Didn’t Know About the Gambling Industry

Gambling is often referred to as gaming. It’s the wagering of money and goods for a price. The lotto, this is also considered as gambling just like going to the casino. Surprisingly enough, games of chance date back to the ancient times. There are so many different types of gambling or gaming organizations in different parts of the world. Gaming is legal throughout the world, and often is a tourist attraction. Las Vegas and Reno are both well known in the United States as Monte Carlo is in Europe.

Here are some trivia one should know about the gambling industry:

  1. The “Little Wheel” is known for being the most popular game in the Industry. The roulette is a popular game at a casino. In the US, the wheel contains two zeros or is called a double zero game. In Europe the same wheel contains one zero or is called a single zero game. The zero is the outnumber and means the game is null when the ball lands on it. Otherwise bets are on. Roulette, means little wheel in French and people play it by the numbers and the colors.
  2. Gambling existed before the first casino was ever created. It is difficult to say when gambling took off. According to many records, gambling has always been around. There is recorded history that gambling houses where widespread in the early centuries along with animal and cock fighting. There are so many records of lotto games and dominoes. It was on the 17th century that the first casino was recorded. As of 2011 it was estimated that 5 regions: The US, Asia, Canada, South America and Europe, Middle East and Africa will have yearly revenues of over 1 billion each.
  3. 9 times out of 10, The House will win, but there are slim chances of being victorious. The unfortunate truth is, that the house usually wins in gambling. How else will they continue to keep the casinos and betting houses open. But there are always exceptions.